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List My Five Terms of Use Effective October, 2010.

List My Five reserves the right to change, alter re-write the Terms of Use without notification or reason as LM5 see appropriate. Users of LM5 have the responsibility to stay updated to the Terms of Use as constituted on the website.

  1. List My Five (LM5) is platform where people can earn money by creating, publishing and sharing their own Top Five Lists online. We provide a Free and Fun way for people to earn residual income by sharing information, opinions, knowledge, humor, interests, and input in the form of a Top Five Lists. LM5 is created for entertainment and informational purposes only. The content contained on LM5 represents the opinions and personal perspectives of its contributors. ALL content and information contained and displayed on this site are subjects to disclaimers set forth in the following Terms of Use.
Minimum Age Agreement:
  1. To join and or participate withLM5 you agree that you are at least 14 years of age. To join the LM5 WCP you agree that you are at least 18 years old. The WCP terms of Use are detailed in the WCP section of our Terms of Use.
  1. We reserve the right to control the LM5 site. This includes any temporary or permanent discontinuation of content, services, or access to the site without notice or explanation. This also include the removal of any content create by member which we see as noncompliant to our Terms of Use. LM5 also reserves the right to delete, terminate and remove any account or member access with out notification or explanation.

LM5 members have the ability to create and publish content that is posted live on our website known as member generated content or (MGC). Therefore when posting user generated content and registering for account(s) you are agreeing that you are in compliance with the following content submission terms:

  1. You own the right to the content you created, or have collected all appropriate right to share the content that you have submitted on the LM5 website.
  2. You are responsible for any and all fee, such as licensing and clearing fees of any kinds the result from commercial capitalization.
  3. You are indeed and in truth the person whom you state you are in the information provided when registering for the WCP..
  4. The MGC you provide is not abusive in nature, and does not interfere with intellectual property rights, privacy rights, personal rights, or any other legal rights of a third party.
  5. You will not be involved with harassing, monitoring or attempting to invade the rights and privacy of other members.
  6. You will not submit any (MGC) that will permit, encourage, conduct that is illegal or unacceptable by law.
  7. You give consent to LM5 to provide any information needed by law authorities for search and records regarding criminal or other types of abusive behavior on the site.
  8. You agree to provide accurate, up to date and true information during the sign up process for LM5. You also agree that you will update and maintain all information when it becomes available.
  9. We reserve the right to have no obligations of any kind whether financially or otherwise regarding information you provide us in terms of ideas, suggestions and all other information you provide us with.
  10. You retain ownership for the (MGC) that you provide LM5 with. You may not re-use redistribute or re-post any content from LM5 that you did not create and in-which you are not the original author of.

Use the site or access the site for anything other than it's intended use.

Access, tamper with, collect, or use any areas of the site that you are not authorized to access.

Alter, delete or tamper with any information on or obtained from the site.

Use or automated crawls, spiders, scrapers, robots, or any other automated means of interaction to the site not provided by LM5.

Make relation with our site in anyway that are misleading, untrue or not authorized..

  1. LM5 will strive to actively monitor and maintain the values and standard of the site, yet we are under NO obligations to regularly monitor the MGC that appears on the site. Again LM5 reserves the right to remove members, content or other information on the site with out warning or explanation. Furthermore LM5 is not responsible for any content, information, statements, opinions, suggestions, “factual claims” and all such included content generated by members.
  2. LM5 reserves the right to protection of the sites content as set forth by the intellectual property law.
  3. LM5 is not responsible for any redirecting links provided by MGC or any other false or misleading information that may appear, again if notified of non compliance with Terms on a members account we reserve the right to remove all items and membership that are non-compliant.
  4. NO content on this site should be be interpreted as professional advise, medical advise, health advice and should be interpreted as entertainment information only. LM5 is not liable for any situation that steam from MGC being taken as truth, advise, intellect, or any other form of persuasive content.
  5. LM5 is under no obligation to provide customer support of any kind. The support we provide are under our sole discretion.
  6. LM5 reserves the right to re-write, re produce and or change these Terms of Use at anytime without notification, and it is your responsibility to stay updated with our terms of use.
  7. You confirm that you are in compliance will all laws associated with website laws and conduct.
  8. PRIVACY POLICY please see our privacy policy located on the homepage.

LM5 members may cancel their accounts and or WCP membership at anytime and for any reason. You can cancel your account in the edit account section of your account homepage, click on cancel my account. If an account or WCP is terminated all MGC belonging to that member will also be removed from the website.

LM5 Writers Compensation Program (WCP)

The WCP is our writers compensation program. The WCP provides you with the opportunity to earn money by publishing high quality and creative Top Five lists on our website. You will earn advertising revenue share based on a variety of factors generated from each list you publish. The more lists you create and publish, the more money you can earn.

The following factors have shown direct correlation with higher ad revenue share when creating your lists...

Topics of your Top Five List:

Be creative, be insightful, be funny, be informative, be current, be just about anything...List My Five topics are practically endless.

Quality of your list content:

Focus on having a well written and detailed list when titling and describing your Top Five List.

Selection of keywords:

Make sure your keywords are relevant to your Top Five list.

Category of your list:

Select the appropriate category for your list topic.

List popularity:

Be sure your Top Five list has relevance, popularity, or a niche subject that people would want to know or debate.

Quantity of lists:

Because ad revenue share is unpredictable, each list you publish online will earn different amounts each month. Some lists might not earn anything, however the more lists you create the more opportunities you will have to earn money.

How to Join the WCP


You must be at least 18 years of age to join the WCP. You Must be a resident of the LM5 region you participate in. You must have an active Pay-Pal account. You must have a bank account for Money transfer. You must agree to our submission guidelines. You must provide honest and true information required by the WCP registration process which includes your legal name, address, and pay-pal account email. You must maintain good standing with the LM5 Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Enrollees agree to provide, keep and maintain, accurate information on the site. You must be responsible for filling your taxes, 1099 forms are provided by LM5 at the end of the tax year (when necessary).

  1. When posting content you agree to not post, submit or upload any content,images, or videos that are or could be seen as the following.
  2. Any information or links to information that is pornographic, sexual, untrue, misleading, threatening, harmful, harassing, abusive, vulgar, obscene, invasive, illegal, hateful, racist, ethnically intolerant.
  3. Any information that is infringement upon a third parties rights, including trademarks and secretes, copyrights, patents, information, and all other proprietary rights of third parties.
  4. Soliciting, and unauthorized advertising.
  5. Damaging software viruses, or any other illegal code, programs or files intended to destroy, disrupt, intrude and harm the LM5 site in any way.
  6. Any data that was received by illegal and unauthorized means.
  7. Any MGC in violation of state and local laws, international laws, including export laws..

Members of our WCP are eligible to earn money provided their content and membership is in good standing with our Terms of Use as herein stated. To qualify for your monthly earnings you MUST be enrolled with the WCP which is FREE to join. Again, you must be enrolled with the WCP to receive any earnings in your account, you will have until the end of each month to enroll with the WCP in order to claim any earnings for that current month. If you are not enrolled in the WCP by the end of each month, your available earnings will be forfeited to LM5 and your earnings will be re-set to zero for the start of the new month.

You can join the WCP at anytime during the calendar month, once you join the WCP you are then eligible to receive the monthly earnings that are displayed in your account homepage. You are entitled to all money your lists generate in your account from the date you joined the WCP forth.

Earnings Status for NON-WCP members:

LM5 will keep monthly earnings status on your account homepage that WCP members are eligible for during each month. For each month that you do not join the WCP your monthly earnings will be lost and reset to zero for the start of the new month (pay period).

  1. Fund distribution: if at the end of the month your monthly earnings have total at or above the $10.00 threshold (minimum requirement) LM5 will process and send the funds via pay-pal by the 14th day of the following month. For example if in June you had a total of $223.34 in your earnings for the month. Then July 1st LM5 will start the payment verification and distribution process which will be completed by the 14 of July. After each month the monthly earning display on your account homepage will be reset for the next months earnings. Your payment and earnings history is tracked and displayed on your "My WCP" link in payment history section. Typically pay-pal transfers can take 2-5 business days to complete.
  2. Rollover payments: If by the end of the month you did not reach your threshold payment of $10.00 minimum your total earnings are not lost, they are rolled over to the next month. For example if you just joined the WCP on the 26th day of the month and at the end of the month you had a total of $3.45 that total will be saved in your payment history with a “rollover” status and will be added to your next monthly total until the amount is at or above $10.00, then the funds will be distributed the following month.

It is imperative that you provide and maintain accurate information associated with your WCP account. At the end of the business year LM5 will calculate and provide you with a 1099-MISC form that will be mailed to the address you provided. You are solely responsible for filing taxes on the earnings you acquire through LM5


For members who wish to terminate their account please send an email to terminate@listmyfive.com List My Five will send a confirmation email to finalize your cancellation request. Upon the termination of your account we will remove your account information along with all lists that you have published online. Once the account is closed List My Five will payout any money owed for WCP members only as long as they have reached the minimum threshold of $10.00 for that pay period (month). If the minimum ammount has not been met LM5 will claim the balance in the account. For non-WCP members any amount that is left in the account upon termination will belong to List My Five.

Further Information If you have a complaint, you may contact us at Support@listmyfive.com NOTICE OF AVAILABILITY OF FILTERING SOFTWARE All users are hereby informed by the provider of this interactive computer service that parental control protections (such as computer hardware, software, or filtering services) are commercially available that may assist in limiting access to material that is harmful to minors. A report detailing some of those protections can be found at http://www.ntia.doc.gov/ntiahome/ntiageneral/cipa2003/index.html (Children's Internet Protection Act: Report on the Effectiveness of Internet Protection Measures and Safety Policies).


All content on List My Five is subject to intellectual property rights. No content may be copied, distributed, republished, uploaded, posted or transmitted in any way without our express written consent of List My Five. Modification or use of the materials for any other purpose may violate intellectual property rights.